Play with this. Use your imagination. I have added in the series of programs that your business could easily have over time. Each line will calculate what that program will make in a year. The revenue from each program get added up to a final yearly total.

For instance, Becky has a free report that is an basic outline of her bootcamp audio program. This bootcamp program is priced at $197 and is delivered automatically on a resource page or dripped out using a membership site tool like Wishlist or Premise. It includes audios, templates and worksheets and she does need to be involved in its delivery or consumption by her customer. Let’s assume that she converts 10 prospects/month to her bootcamp.

Then she offers a Group Coaching 1 program three times a year and ideally would like 20 people in each class at $347.

Her Group Coaching 2 program could be a continuation of Group Coaching 1 or it could be something completely different. She does this twice a year with 30 people in each class at $497.

She offers a 6-month accountability and mastermind group and she has 10 people/year sign up for this program at $2497.

Finally she has a VIP Day which is an add-on to the 6-month program and 5 people want this option at an additional $1497.

Below is a snapshot of Becky’s annual income based on these numbers.

I bet you are saying “Wow, that’s amazing. I could do that” and you know what, you can!!!

Below is the calculator for you to play with. Enter in names of programs, values, numbers of participants – see what happens (remember to hit the Update Income button)

Million dollar businesses don’t offer a million different products. Typically they just sell MORE of everything!!

Anything is possible with this business calculator!

Play with the calculator below, have fun, take the annual income that you would like to make and make it happen here and when you know that is what you want, create it!!

Course Price StudentsIncome


Let me know how you like this business tool. Share your numbers with me! If you want to speak with me to see if we can work together, email me at andrea at or call me at 857.991.1152 (EST- Boston).

Cheers, Andrea

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