I was reading posts in Facebook and I noticed there was one for a T-shirt and because I am a curious person I started looking at some of the comments. Almost every comment focused on the fact that people could not figure out how to order a t-shirt version of the shirt rather than a hoodie.

Message after message repeated this same issue and each comment had a reply with the directions for how to find the t-shirt version – ‘scroll down the list past all the hoodie options and you will find the t-shirt options’.

I did not go to the website but I was wondering and secretly hoping that they changed their order page so that it was easier to find how to order the t-shirt version.

How cool and responsive would it be for them to notice this trend and actually go in and adjust their sales page so that this issue would go away?

I like to think ahead and anticipate customer service issues and put instructions or make changes that will reduce customer service issues to a minimum. As solo-entrepreneurs, we often can’t respond as quickly as we want to customer issues. I have also heard that it is hard to find good customer support for small businesses. Business owners want to get back to their customers within a couple of hours and often even if you have a customer support person monitoring an inbox for messages, there can be a delay to getting an answer to the inquiry. And as we know, sometimes an inquiry can be time-sensitive, thus causing frustration and anxiety for your customer.

When customer services issues are anticipated and fixed before they happen, or in the case when an issue does occur and quick changes are made to fix the issue, everyone is happy. The business owner is happy because they have few issues, if any, come up and the clients are content because they aren’t waiting for an email back about an issue.

Reducing customer support issues takes some planning and foresight and is completely worth the time to do properly.

Is there a customer support issue that comes up often in your business?
Do you feel that there is no time to fix the problem but find yourself continually dealing with the customer support burden?
What could you make easier for your clients?

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