It is very easy to let a simple plan get complicated because if a little is good, a lot is better. Keeping things simple is not easy but well worth our time to figure out.

Your clients will appreciate the simplicity of your systems…

> logging in
> getting information
> easy to find learning material
> staying in touch
> feeling appreciated and part of your community

Keeping things simple focuses on understanding what exactly it is you want to do. It is looking into the future and making changes now that will make it easy down the road for you, your clients and your support staff.

Your clients don’t waste time looking for stuff (links, phone numbers, program content), your support staff is not busy dealing with frustrating and unnecessary customer support issues and you know that your system is well thought out and works all the time.

Simple does not mean less than. It means that everything is working and where it is supposed to be. My top value is beauty and I think that a system that works is beautiful.