I am a verbal creator. Sometimes I am stopped as I stare at a blank screen, not knowing how or where to start writing.

However, if someone asks me anything, I can easily answer a question without hesitation.

We are used to talking about things that we are passionate about. I believe this to be true of many business owners. As an expert, you have a set of beliefs and knowledge around your expertise and I know that you can talk in depth about topics that come up in your business.

Here is an easy 3 step process if you are a verbal creator.

1. Keep a list of questions that you have been asked by clients and prospects. Look at the world from the point of view of your business. If you are a health coach, I am sure that you see all kinds of things in your day that you could write about–the person reading the ingredient and nutrition labels, the man standing in front of the cooking oil section wondering what kind of oil is the healthiest for him to use, the mom with the kid having a melt-down in the cereal isle–ideas abound.

2. Use a tool that can be used on your desktop computer or on your phone called Otter. It is an amazing service that transcribes while you talk.

3. When you are complete you can edit the transcript and like magic, you have a bunch of interesting content to post to your website.

How cool is that?

Are you a verbal creator? Is this an idea that might work for you?

Here are a couple of resources for transcribing audio and video files.

Automatically transcribe audio to text – audio files, video files.
Online and easy to use at Veed.io

Another great service is at Otter.ai

Here is a great tool for helping you create amazing videos. Check it out here.

Andrea Cinnamond is a creative online visibility strategist and implementation specialist (she makes things happen). She is a trained business coach, technical virtual assistant and a certified online business manager. She is an ex-high tech scientist and she loves to combine the logical steps of a process with her creative nature.

Her #1 value is beauty and she loves nothing more than creating beautiful projects for her clients such as websites that work, quizzes, email list building projects, training and coaching programs, and many other cool online offerings.

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