There is no freedom when you feel you need to do everything on your own.

Creating an online business has been made to seem easy. There is lots of technology available that lets you build your own websites, create your own blog, create sales pages to sell your products, services and programs and more.

The truth is that although it seems easy, the devil is in the details. For instance, when you want to build a website, there are many, many options and often it is hard to know what all the differences mean.

You pick the tool or software that seems the easiest, the cheapest or the one that others you know use, to name but a few of the reasons. The sales page make it sound easy but there are many details that are hard to know when you are starting out.

Often you will need to use multiple tools and it is important that they all play well together. This is also difficult to figure out when you are just starting out.

Here are 5 reasons why working with others can be extremely beneficial and supportive for you.

  1. Broaden your experience much quicker when you work with a coach/mentor/consultant.
  2. Get where you want to go much faster
  3. You don’t get stuck in the ‘How’ zone
  4. Accountability
  5. Sounding board/silent partner

There are all kinds of support available to you. There are virtual assistants (VAs) who can specialize in day-to-day admin functions and technical VAs who specialize in the business technology side (websites, email, list building, marketing, etc). There are coaches, project specialists and online business managers who help support your goals. Who you need right now depends on what you need  right now. The person or people you work with now may change over time as your business grows and develops.

It is important that you are clear on the help that you need right now. You might find someone you like but they specialize in an aspect of business that you are not ready for yet.

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Andrea Cinnamond is a creative online visibility strategist and implementation specialist (she brings ideas to life). She is a trained business coach, technical virtual assistant and a certified online business manager. She is an ex-high tech scientist and she loves to combine the logical steps of a process with her creative nature.

Her #1 value is beauty and she loves nothing more than creating beautiful projects for her clients such as websites that work, quizzes, email list building projects, training and coaching programs, and many other cool online offerings.

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