ARE YOU LOOKING to increase your visibility online so that you are no longer a best-kept secret?

Get your copy of my Visibility Guide full of ideas complete with a companion checklist.

Are you feeling like a best-kept secret?

Is it time to ‘up’ your online game?

In this guide, I review more than 12 different ideas that you can use to up your visibility online. It covers mindset, branding, websites, SEO, social media and content marketing. I am sharing lots of great ideas that, if implemented, will increase your visibility online!!

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Meet Andrea

Andrea Cinnamond is a creative online business strategist and implementation specialist and loves and values her role as  a trusted advisor.

She is a trained business coach, technical virtual assistant and a certified online business manager. She loves nothing more than working with motivated, inspired entrepreneurs, supporting them in their businesses. Her creativity and technical knowledge is valued as well as her strength as a brainstorming partner.

When she is not playing around on her computer, this former high-tech scientist is raising three children (a 17-year old daughter and twin 15-year old boys) and their cat Amesbury in the historic Back Bay of Boston, knitting, sewing, reading, baking, playing with mixed media art and loves walking around the Charles River and riding her Peloton bike.