Introducing the
90 Day program 

I get it. You want to figure things out. I have been there too!

You feel like you are wasting time, searching the internet for hours looking for the answers to your biggest business questions, trying to figure out what will work for you, only to find that the information isn’t relevant to your specific issue.

You’re constantly overwhelmed and frustrated. You know you have great ideas with the commitment and determination to back it up but you still feel like you’re missing the mark. Does it need to be this hard?

Maybe you’re just getting started and would like a step-by-step plan on how to turn what you love into a profitable business or maybe you already have been doing this for a while but aren’t where you want to be.

When I started out, I listened to lots of free calls, took free courses, watched videos, tried various software packages and bought many training programs. I learnt a lot but what I was missing was the glue to connect it all together. I had lots of pieces but not the big view and the flow of how it all fit together.

From my prospective as a former high-tech scientist I needed to first figure out the logical steps and how the parts fit together. Then, using my creative, colorful side, I looked for ways to weave creativity within the logical steps. I love the beautiful combination of logic with creativity woven throughout.

I am a coach, a certified technical Virtual Assistant (VA) and a certified Online Business Manager. Yes, I have done a lot of training!! I have combined all my training into the role of a Visibility Strategist and Implementation Specialist.

What You Will Receive in the Program

• a written business audit as a starting point

• a marketing plan that you can rinse and repeat every 90 days for years to come

• a daily set of habits that will uniquely support you and your business

• a set of customized social media graphics for Facebook or Instagram (5) that will draw in your ideal clients

• implementation support

• awesome brainstorming partner

• accountability support

The CAN YOU SEE ME NOW 90 Day program includes:

• 90 Day structured coaching package, customized to suit your requirements and get you the best results.

• 1 Quick-start intensive one-on-one coaching session (90 mins via Skype) where together we get clear on what your goals and what it is you want to achieve.

• 11 private one-on-one coaching sessions (50 mins via Skype).

• Laser sessions (10 mins) when time is available. 

• Email access and support over the duration of your program.

• A resource library of guides, templates and videos to help keep you on track and hitting your goals.

Yes, I want to take my business to the next level of success

I want you to coach me on how to become more visiblehow I can attract more of my ideal clients and discover easy, proven marketing strategies that will move me forward in my business.

I want to stop wasting time and get things done. 

The investment for this 90 Day program is $1,500.
There is a 3-pay option of $550 (total of $1650).

If you are interested in working with me and you have a few questions, book a call with me.