The 747 was my favorite plane ever. I used to fly in it when I flew from Australia to the US and I always loved boarding the big, wonderful jet. It felt spacious and roomy and I loved the fact it had two levels.

One of my favorite moments is when we are almost at the end of the runway and the engines came full on and for a few moments I could feel the power building up. Then it would start rolling down the runway. I used to count how long it took to take off. The moment of transition–being on the ground and then being in the air. I felt that moment in my body, a subtle lift, a change in sound as the tires left the ground and then we were off!!

I used to count how long it would take to lift off the ground and it seemed like it took forever. The smaller jets take off fairly quickly but the 747 rolls on and on. Sometimes it would seem like it was going to run out of runway.

You may be thinking, what does an airplane taking off have to do with online business? 

I compare building a business like the 747 taking off. When you are starting out, you are looking to build power and momentum behind you. There is a lot to do. It can seem slow at the start. Things start rolling and you start writing posts, meeting potential clients, going to meetings and networking.

My three top tips are:

Clarity is vital to staying on track, staying committed to what you believe. Writing down why you are creating a business is important. Being clear on your expertise, who your ideal clients are and how you are going to support them. Identify your zone of genius and stay there.

As you grow your business you will gain energy from all the good things that start to happen. Using your clarity and adding in energy will give your business momentum which will keep you in action and propel your business efforts forward.

As the plane runs down the runway, the only thing that it needs to do is take off. Staying focused as you work on your business is vital. Using this focus helps you decide what you need to do in any moment. Ask yourself, does this task get me closer to where I want to go or is it a distraction? Keeping your eye on the ball is crucial to growing your business.

There will be that magic moment when your business takes off. There is still always work to do just like the 747 flying over the ocean between Sydney and San Francisco but it will seem easier, especially if you have set up systems that support your business. There might be turbulence but it passes quickly and is part of the journey.

Andrea Cinnamond is a creative online visibility strategist and implementation specialist (she brings ideas to life). She is a trained business coach, technical virtual assistant and a certified online business manager. She is a former high tech scientist and she loves to combine the logical steps of a process with her creative nature. 

Her #1 value is beauty and she loves nothing more than creating beautiful projects for her clients such as websites that work, quizzes, email list building projects, training and coaching programs, and many other cool online offerings.

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