You are a successful 1:1 coach and are wanting to grow your community but are not clear on how to do it. If you are looking to grow your business without working more hours, I invite you to contact me.

For years, I have been helping coaches create the businesses of their dreams, that serve more ideal clients, and that make more money without necessarily working more hours.

You might have the best training, have the best ideas & programs, and really want to make a difference but if you are invisible online, it won’t matter.

  • A training/coaching program is tangible and as an entry product, reasonably priced. The barriers to signing up for your program are lower than for a higher-priced 1:1 program.
  • It has a finite length and in the eyes of your potential client, it is easy to give it a try.
  • It is a step-by-step process that is easily understood and focuses on the benefits and outcomes that your ideal client is looking for. We LOVE systems.
  • Your program is unique and approaches the problem from your prospective and and with your life experience. Yes, others may be focusing on the same problem but not in your unique way and with your unique point of view and experience.
  • Your clients get great results quicker because they are following a step-by-step process led by you. Rather than reading and collecting information, you are giving them a plan and support for transformation.
  • You can help more people with a signature training or coaching system. You can build your business with a single signature program. You can deepen learning and offer VIP days focusing on one aspect of your signature program. You can leverage content and build longer programs. You can spin off content into its own product.

Send me an email at and we can discuss how we can work together.

Meet Andrea

Andrea Cinnamond is a creative online business strategist and implementation specialist (she brings ideas to life). She is a trained business coach, technical virtual assistant and a certified online business manager. She loves nothing more than creating beautiful projects for her clients such as training and coaching programs, websites, telesummits, 30 Day Facebook challenges, virtual teleseminars and teleseminar series, custom journal and many other cool things that can be offered online or in-person.

When she is not playing around on her computer, this ex high-tech scientist is raising three children (an 14-year old daughter and twin 12-year old boys) and their cat Amesbury in the historic Back Bay of Boston, knitting, sewing, reading, doing mixed media art and going to countless spin and barre classes.



Online Visibility–A Collection of Website Observations

Recently I was wandering around the internet looking at websites (as I am apt to do), I noticed two or three things. Okay maybe four things 🙁 The first thing I noticed was the tendency to hide the website’s owner’s name or not having a photo. Sometimes it was impossible to find their name and sometimes it was hard to find their first name but not their full name. I used my researching skills and was able to figure out their names but was mystified why people would want to do this. I also noticed was sometimes they presented themselves as ‘us’ with no more information about who ‘us’ is. What does it say to you when you don’t actually see the person or people behind a business? Do you notice...

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Online Visibility–The Power of a Well-Designed Website

That moment you click on a link and are taken to a website and you say ‘WOW, I LOVE THIS!’ You love it instantly. You feel really good about it. But what’s really going on? You haven’t even read it yet. All you got was a wonderful feeling. Why does this happen? Is it magic? It is most likely that you are reacting to the images, color palette, fonts, the layout and its inherent simplicity–that magic combination! A study by Google presents two important concepts: that users will judge websites as beautiful or not within 1/50th to 1/20th of a second. that “visually complex” websites are consistently rated as less beautiful than their simpler counterparts. They go on by saying that...

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3 Top Tips to Help You Get Your Online Business Off The Ground

The 747 was my favorite plane ever. I used to fly in it when I flew from Australia to the US and I always loved boarding the big, wonderful jet. It felt spacious and roomy and I loved the fact it had two levels. One of my favorite moments is when we are almost at the end of the runway and the engines came full on and for a few moments I could feel the power building up. Then it would start rolling down the runway. I used to count how long it took to take off. The moment of transition–being on the ground and then being in the air. I felt that moment in my body, a subtle lift, a change in sound as the tires left the ground and then we were off!! I used to count how long it would take to lift...

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Increase Your Visibility–A Quick Method to Create Great Content

I am a verbal creator. Sometimes I am stopped as I stare at a blank screen, not knowing how or where to start writing. However, if someone asks me anything, I can easily answer a question without hesitation. We are used to talking about things that we are passionate about. I believe this to be true of many business owners. As an expert, you have a set of beliefs and knowledge around your expertise and I know that you can talk in depth about topics that come up in your business. Here is an easy 3 step process if you are a verbal creator. 1. Keep a list of questions that you have been asked by clients and prospects. Look at the world from the point of view of your business. If you are a...

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Creating an Online Business – Don’t Do It Alone

There is no freedom when you feel you need to do everything on your own. Creating an online business has been made to seem easy. There is lots of technology available that lets you build your own websites, create your own blog, create sales pages to sell your products, services and programs and more. The truth is that although it seems easy, the devil is in the details. For instance, when you want to build a website, there are many, many options and often it is hard to know what all the differences mean. You pick the tool or software that seems the easiest, the cheapest or the one that others you know use, to name but a few of the reasons. The sales page make it sound easy but there are...

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