Are you a busy, motivated 5 or 6-figure entrepreneur or professional looking to save time and grow your online business?

Are you ready to reduce online business complexity so you can save time and money allowing you to focus on and develop your genius. Let’s talk!

partnership. collaboration. action.

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Are you a busy, motivated 5 or 6-figure entrepreneur or professional looking for a digital marketing expert to help grow your online business?

Are you ready to reduce online business complexity so you can save time and money allowing you to focus on and develop your genius. Let’s talk!

partnership. collaboration. action.

Here are a few ways we can work together to update & grow your online business. Let’s talk!!



Join my 8-week program “Getting Down to Business” where I will reduce the complexity of online business, show you how the pieces fit together so that you can be more productive, keep processes simple, build systems that allow you to scale and delegate seamlessly to an assistant, freeing up your time to focus on making money.


Google Analytics is a free tool and helps you as business owner make data-driven decisions. It can tell you where your traffic is coming from, the pages they visit, how long they stay on the page, which blog posts are your best performers, etc. You can view performance week-to-week easily using Data Studio. Reach out if you would like to learn more.


Want to build a website yourself but don’t know where to start? What if you had a WordPress playground using the premium Divi theme along with the necessary plugins ready for you to start working on. You will have a set of training videos in the site to use as a reference along with a page template that is mobile-responsive that you can use for starting each page. When your site is completed, it can be moved to your own hosting account.


Interested in having a strategy session where together we review your website and analytics and create a 90 day plan for you. We will focus on three main priorities and map out a process so you can meet your 90 Day goal.


I love working on short-term projects.

Projects that I have worked on in the past include:

WordPress Website Creation with Divi and Maintenance, Summits, Giveaway Events, Podcast Creation, Sales Pages, Course Creation in Teachable, Kajabi and other systems, and much more….

Contact me to discuss your project, required dates and my availability.

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Meet Andrea

Andrea Cinnamond is a creative digital marketing strategist and implementation specialist and loves being a trusted advisor to her clients.

She is a trained business coach, technical genius and a certified online business manager. She loves nothing more than working with motivated, inspired entrepreneurs, supporting them in their businesses. Her creativity and technical knowledge is valued as well as her strength as a brainstorming partner.

When she is not playing around on her computer, this former high-tech scientist is raising three children (an 18-year old daughter and twin 16-year old boys) and their cat Amesbury in the historic Back Bay of Boston, knitting, sewing, reading, baking, playing with mixed media art and appreciates her Peloton bike.

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Kind Words From Clients

I worked with Andrea for the creation of the website for my business. The experience of working with her was fun and very flexible – Andrea made me feel that I am really leading this initiative. I love Andrea’s creativity and how she made sure that everything is always focused on me, who I am and what I stand for in business. In terms of technical expertise, Andrea is like a magician! She knows exactly how to implement solutions. I also really appreciate Andrea’s Strategic thinking in the design of a business website. She uses a business approach to help the content of the website perform well when it goes live; she knows how to use the website design as a tool for business. Overall, I really enjoyed my collaboration with Andrea, both at a personal and at a professional level. Andrea rocks!

–Vivian at, Executive Lean Leadership Coach


I feel compelled this morning to tell you how much I appreciate you and the influence you’ve had in my life. I miss our chats and now that I’m back to working on my cookbook (from oh-so long ago) I hear your advice in my head while I’m working.
–Maia Lagerstedt, Health Coach at the Humble Neighborhood
Author of Conscious Shopping: Making Decisions About What You Eat & How You Buy It


OMG…I am so excited! Following eight months of study, work, and preparation, I sent my quiz out this morning…and I’ve had clients tell me they love it. (Just a few so far, but I always appreciate the feedback.) This was made possible because you stepped in to save the day in two different ways: you heroically updated my faltering website and you helped me finalize Interact and AWeber with the welcome series.
Plus, you shared time by phone to help me learn, answer my questions, and make recommendations about my site and the quiz.
I appreciate you more than I can say!
You are awesome! I’m so happy I found you!
Love, light, and many heartfelt hugs,

–Kim O’Neill


Starting something new is fun and exciting as well as daunting and overwhelming. This was how I was feeling about creating my online business when I reached out to Andrea for some website and online marketing help. I thought I had a good niche but with Andrea’s creative mind and verbalized thinking process we came up with a Great one!! One of my biggest fears was making the website and all of the stuff that had to go into it and all of the content that I would have to create but again, Andrea made it so simple. When we were finished our call I felt like I had gained a super supportive friend and that I had a business that was ready to take over the world!!! Andrea helped me take my passionate ideas to a create logical roadmap to bring my dreams into reality! 
–K. Reed


I was looking for someone to design a website and Andrea came highly recommended.  Well, I got a web designer and so much more.  Andrea was able to guide me through the process and gave me the best marketing tips for getting new customers.  She proposed that I have a “free” offering and shared lots of ideas about how to make my website really stand out.  Really grateful to have had her guidance.  Getting rave reviews from my customers! 
–Kristina Smith


Thank your for our call today! I came to you asking about optimizing SEO for my website.  I loved that you started by asking me why this was important to me, what I thought optimizing SEO would achieve. From there you were able to take me to what really mattered which was how I can attract people to my website and invite them to sign up for more information or for a conversation. 
This then morphed into a much larger picture of how to use blog posts towards writing a book.  I came away from our conversation with the big picture and structure I needed to pull me in an inspired direction. 
Jamie Davidoff, Leadership Coach and Organizational Culture Consultant
Spark Success Coaching


With Andrea’s support, I have increased my list by over 40% in only 8 weeks. In addition, I have had many natural conversations with those in my community by implementing her recommendations for a follow up campaign. Andrea’s ideas have helped me grow my business with ease and joy! Thank you Andrea!
–Karen Cappello, MCC, BCC, Executive & Leadership Coach


Andrea has been the best support! She always has creative ideas and works with us to find great solutions for our sites and our marketing. She is readily available when we need her and completes work with speed and always on time. We are so fortunate to have Andrea on our team!
–Sheri Boone, MCC &


Andrea has been very helpful when it comes to putting together my content and adding a creative side to it. She has so many great ideas and has been quick to help me get things in place. Specifically, one of the areas she helped me with was setting up an email campaign. She laid everything out for me to fill in the blanks. It was such a relief to have her help. She is very knowledgeable in marketing and visibility techniques. She has so many awesome creative ideas and is always willing to help me. I highly recommend her!
–Tiffany Pavelka


Andrea Cinnamond is a bright quick thinker. She is brilliant both in visionary big picture thinking as well as extremely knowledgeable and detailed in her ability to take you through a logical process of problem solving and future planning. After I speak with her I feel clear and ready to move forward, enlightened with a comprehensive list of new ideas and suggestions for my business.

I appreciate her generosity, her bouyant energy and wit and I trust the ethical manner in which she provides her support.

In a couple hours we reviewed my website, created a detailed plan for a new program launch, discussed specifics related to joint ventures, addressed social media questions and determined a new approach for my newsletter. She gave me several ideas for additional resources and offered suggestions that I had not yet considered that were core to my success. She quickly understood my vision and niche and offered feedback that reflected a real depth of understanding.

I am grateful to have found Andrea and have already referred her to other colleagues. Each time I work with her, I am amazed with the breadth of her knowledge and skills and would fully recommend her to anyone looking for someone with the ability to both coach and offer excellent technical expertise in marketing and program planning.
–Glenda Cedarleaf, MSW, LICSW


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